Our research group is based at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at The University of Edinburgh. Our goal is to study the interaction between the evolution of reproductive modes, and what effect it has on natural selection.

We are especially interested in understanding why some species choose to partially or fully reproduce without the need for two parents, either via self–fertilisation or some degree of clonal reproduction. To investigate these topics, we use a combination of theoretical models to make insights into evolutionary phenomena, and analyse genome data from organisms with different reproductive modes, to determine how the nature of selection differs. More information is available on the Research Interests page.

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Contact Information:
Institute of Evolutionary Biology
The University of Edinburgh
Ashworth Laboratories
Charlotte Auerbach Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FL, UK

Tel: +44 (0)131 650 8683
Email: m[dot]hartfield[at]ed.ac.uk
Twitter: @mathyhartfield